Whether you want to celebrate with 10 people or 100, my ultimate goal is to be a jack of all trades resource for you: the expert you need, the hype girl you want, the paparazzi you deserve, and the family you keep in the end. My love for my clients extends past the stroke of midnight on their wedding day, and continues on forever. My vision always comes from a fascination and yearning to understand human connection and emotion, whether it's creatively or in my personal life, and my dream for every client is to nourish that connection after the lights have turned on and the party has ended.

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The Process

1. Howdys and hellos

2. ring-a-ling

3. check ins

4. wedding time!

Once I receive your inquiry form, if I have that date available I will email you along with our wedding guide that has all the fun detailed info about my ideals & beliefs about my craft, my weddings, my prices, and add-ons. If that all seems peachy, you'll sign up for a chat!

Now we'll set some time aside and settle down for a nice phone call, where you can ask me any questions, or gush about your wedding dreams! It's here where we'll see if we vibe and am what you're searching for in a photographer for your day (because I'm gonna be all up in your business on that day so we need to make sure we work!) If it all seems like a good fit, once you've submitted a signed contract and $1000 reservation fee we're good to go!

At this point we'll switch from email to texting because we're friends now, and friends text. Then I'll send out a couple's insight questionnaire to learn the nitty gritty about the two of you. We'll be texting throughout your planning journey, but 45 days prior I'll send out a timeline questionnaire and we'll do another video chat so we can make sure we're both on the same page!

It's finally here and everyone is super pumped!! Time to throw on your fancy shoes and your beautiful clothes you've been waiting forever to wear and love up on your soulmate. Everywhere you turn I'll be there, documenting all the big moments and every little moment in between!

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