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The fact remains is this: time is our most finite resource, and every moment we spend in our life is another moment that we'll never see again. Whether you're sitting on the couch cuddling with your loved one or saying I do to your soulmate, these little pieces of time are important parts of who we are. My goal is to capture the most genuine, truthful version of these moments.

Life is made up

of small little moments

in time

every second we spend with our loved ones is a

snapshot that we cherish all of our lives, especially

the ones where we exist in our own little world

photography that shows a piece of your world

So often we rely on the camera of our memory to remember the moments of our lives, or lean on posed, formal images to showcase who we truly are.

Let's change all of that.

I am:

A child of the California sun, living in the Washington gloom.

An aficionado of 90's emo music (but also a Taylor Swift fan).

A burgeoning cinephile.

A lover of long car rides, deep conversations, and hole in the wall locations.

A reader of dark academia and fantasy novels.

Obsessed with everything that has to do with the suburbs.


“Bri has a remarkable way of capturing images that depict the authenticity of mine and my family’s story.”

Kind Words

I have been using Brianna’s services for over half a decade for a reason! When I decided to hire Bri for mine and my husband’s wedding six years ago, I had no idea she would become such an important person in our life. Time and time again, I am met with consistency, professionalism, and photos that represent exactly what I am looking for. Bri has a remarkable way of capturing images that depict the authenticity of mine and my family’s story. She is an artist, and the pleasure is always ours when getting to work with her.  I truly cannot recommend her services enough.

- Justice + Ty




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KIDS & Couples Photographer