senior photography for fun, authentic dreamers in olympia, seattle, and beyond



In a world where conformity is in, I've spent almost a decade working with seniors that have pushed the limits and dared to breach the walls of trends and fads and invest in their true selves. Let me help you speak your truth and document who you are now.

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for those who wear their heart on their sleeve

put more value in authenticity than perfection

want photographs that don't only look good, but also truly reflect who you were at such a crucial stage in your life

not looking for the glam experience, and overly posed direction (don't worry, I'll give you just enough direction!)

respect that photography is art, and not just another image in a 9 square grid

believe in the connection between artist and muse, and understand that my creativity is essential to great photos

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Oh, hey there.

I'm Brianna, but most people call me Bri. My purpose in life is to use my desire and yearning to understand the human condition to document connection and emotion in people. I've spent the last nine years working with seniors all over the country, honing in on my skill to take someone's hand and guide them into sharing their story with me in the way that feels natural to them.


The Process

1. Howdys and hellos

2. The nitty gritty


4. it's showtime!

Once you've decided I'm it, send over an inquiry! I'll get back to you within 24 hours and send over my pricing guide. Once you've picked out your package and experience you'd like, we'll pick a date and I'll send over a proposal with a contract and invoice with a $200 reservation fee. Once that's all signed and paid for, the fun begins!

Now that we've established the date and confirmed you on my calendar, it's time to get into the fun! At this point we'll switch from email to texting because we're friends now, and friends text. I ask for all of my seniors to send over a feelings board that showcases the vibe they're wanting to go for with their session at least 30 days prior to their session so I can figure out locations, any details I'll need to get, and making sure everything is looking good.

One of the most important aspects of your senior photos is what you're going to wear. Part of the feelings board is to try and figure out what kind of clothing will go well with the vibe/location, and for all of my seniors I ask them to send me their chosen outfits no later than a week prior to their session. Remember, you want to feel comfortable in your clothing, and buying your size is key!

It's finally here! We're gonna have some much fun on our shoot, and I will direct you in a way that I feel is organic to the situation and authentic to you. Afterwards, I will color edit your images and send you a proofing gallery for you to choose the images you want full edited. Once the editing is done I put your images in a gallery with a slideshow that you can download from, show all your friends and family, and have forever!

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