capturing the important moments


Whether it's your first time with child, you've got 6 children, or you're adopting, being a mother is all about growth and learning, always beginning something new

no. 1

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look at her I am

 w a x    o v e r    f l a m e












I was that child who always knew she wanted to be a mom. I had a plethora of baby dolls, put my cats in bonnets and pushed them in strollers, and cared for my stuffies like they were my flesh and blood. It was a dream that I've carried with me my whole life, the dream of nurturing and caring for a little one, helping them grow into a healthy, incredible person. When my husband and I had fertility issues like so many other women have, we turned our sights to foster care, working with children who need a helping hand and a guiding light more than anything. 

The beginnings of my business are wrapped around our dream of fostering children: I thought we should have a supplemental income to my husbands when we brought in a child. My first sessions were all about children and motherhood, and it's interesting how much, after all this time, I'm discovering that I have this drive and joy when it comes to capturing motherhood in any of its milestones. How the connection between child and mother, whether biological or not, is so strong and beautiful.

So come along with me, and let's make those memories, small and big, count. Let's capture the moments that somehow are the most joyous yet most terrifying. Whether you're in the midsts of becoming a mother, you've been a mother tenfold, or you're beginning your forever with an adopted child, let me capture the essence of your bond with your biggest, purest love.

he was pointing

   at      the     m o o n

but i was looking at his hand

main single session: 850
associate single session: 300
monthly mini session: 2500/yr

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You're a mother no matter what age your babe is. This session covers a wide range of moments, from breastfeeding your infant to cuddling up on the grass with your teenager

Mommy + Me

main: 850
associate: 300

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Capture the moments of your baby's first week in their new home. Stay comforted in your nest while creating moments during such a fleeting time that can be hard to remember properly

Newborn Lifestyle

Main: 795
associate: 300

No. 1

For the women beginning to grow their families from within. Bring the rest of your family along with to show the true connection


main Packages with brianna starting at $795
associate packages start at $300
all sessions within 25 mile radius of olympia, WA; $1 a mile outside of radius
take your pick, and let's make magic!

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suddenly, i was crying

it was already     l  o  v  e

dear angel

i have loved you for

i understand

e v e r y t h i n g

so long