after dark


intimacy in its rawest form. self-love shining through. vulnerability with the one you love. sensuality in its most private moments.

no. 1

i carry my love for you

around with me like my teeth

and i am s t a r v i n g












Sexuality. It’s something that is a part of all of us, but is deemed inappropriate or taboo in our society. We sexualize the human form to sell clothing, liquor, and vacations, but the moment we utilize it to display vulnerability, acceptance, and connection it’s shied away, hidden behind closed doors. We’ve created a system that is embarrassed by openness, clutching our pearls in horror as we secretly lust for that kind of freedom, having that kind of love for ourselves and showing it to the world.

For a long time now I've desired to capture and share the moments that society longs to hide away, but been dealing with my own issues of fear and rejection, of my love of sensuality and connection being seen as vulgar and wrong. I finally took a good, hard look at myself and how I respond to criticism and the convictions of others, and realized that in order to fully embrace myself, my love for art, and explore my creativity, I need to be open myself. That was when Mossfloor After Dark was born.

Mossfloor After Dark is for those who don’t seek to shield themselves from the intimacy of their own lives. They embrace the ecstasy and passion within themselves and their relationships. They understand that capturing the most intimate, vulnerable moments of sexuality don’t have to be crass, vulgar, or obscene, but can be viewed as pieces of art.

you can fuck

a   n   y   o   n   e

but with whom can you sit in water?

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the performer

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experience the freedom and rush of being open with your partner and having the moments of pure bliss shared between the two of you captured.

come together

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No. 1

get in touch with your own sensuality with our self-love session. get pampered with professional hair and makeup before exploring the limits of your eroticism.

self love

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