Hey there

I'm bri

Hi!  I'm Brianna, but most people call me Bri.  I'm a quirky, weird lady who's in love with love.  I'm one half of a high school sweetheart romance.  I'm obsessed with fog clinging to trees in the morning, dark ocean swells before a storm, and music with twinkling guitars.

When it comes to photography, emotion is number one.  I love laughs and outtakes.  I love love shining through images.  I'm a nature photographer; I love taking pictures in the middle of a forest with the sun's natural rays coloring and lighting up the area.  I love the look of nature, and I try to emulate the real life look of our location and you as best as I can.

Weddings are a stressful, but wonderful experience.  When it comes to your wedding photographer, it should be someone you not only trust but someone you jive with well.  I will take my time to get to know you, through our pre-booking meeting and through answering any question you may have through email or phone.  I include two photographers in all of our packages because I feel like it's important to capture moments of the day from different perspectives.  My goal is to make sure the essence of your wedding and love are captured in a beautiful, artistic, but natural way.


handmade mixtapes


golden retrievers

forest weddings

homemade bread

foggy beaches

chai tea